Waiting for the rain and farewell:

The day after the opening ceremony was less formal and therefore great to get into interaction with the children and to learn more about their lives.

We were invited to mother Juliana Matutu`s home in order to see the living conditions of one family of our students.  Juliana has six children, whereas four are visiting the PATRIZIA Primary School Syangeni. The father of the children is gone; therefore she bears the whole responsibility for the family. Since it hasn´t rained for months, agriculture is not possible anymore. The family owns some chicken and goats, but to provide healthy and diversified nutrition to the children, she goes to the city to earn some money. Depending to occasional jobs, she returns to the family at most weekly, while the older daughters aged 17 and 19 care for the younger ones. That means: preparing them for school, looking after the animals, fetching water from a distant dwell and cooking. For fetching water, the girls have to walk about five kilometres one way. If it rains enough, the school`s water tank would help the community to ease the access to water.

The new PATRIZIA Primary School hosts 158 children from nursery school up to grade eight. Due to the increased number of students from the vicinity, many are happy now about the shortened way to school. Just as Matutu`s children, who now have only to walk one kilometre instead of four.

Back at school, together with Matuku, Felix, Megali and Louka, we were happy to hand over some presents to the children. Footballs, volleyballs, stationary and solar lamps made the children really excited.  The footballs were used immediately to start a football game. The solar lamps are provided to enable the students to learn at home. Without electricity, the only other solution would be to learn at the fire, which is not really appropriate.

Due to our tight schedule it was already time to say good bye again. Visiting the PATRIZIA Primary School in one of the poorest regions in Kenia was really affecting. We are confident that with the engagement of the highly motivated teachers, this school will make a difference for the region. We are looking forward for the further development of our school in Syangeni in Kitui County.

1-Julianas Home

Juliana Matutu`s home.

1.5 Juliana with children

Matutu with her children Matuku, Felix, Megali and Louka in front of her home.

2-Felix and Megali on their way to school

Felix and Megali on their way to school.

3-Daniel with Hope

The maskot of our foundation: a squirrel called „Hope“ for the school director Daniel.

4-Children with lamps and balls

Footballs, solar lamps and stationary for the students.

6-Nursery class with hope

Also the nursery class is happy about the new „Hope“.

7-PATRIZIA Primary School Football Team

T-Shirts for the first „PATRIZIA Primary School Team Syangeni“ The first match against representatives of PATRIZIA and the Welthungerhilfe ended 2:2

8-Farewell at the gate

Saying farewell at the gate of the school.

9-Family at waterwhole

On the way back: Passing a water whole, which means life at Syangeni.


Inauguration of the PATRIZIA Primary School Syangeni in Kenia

On the occasion of the official school opening of the PATRIZIA Primary School Syangeni, our executive board member Werner Lustig, his children Marsella and Louis and I travelled to the remote Kitui County in Eastern Kenia.

Before we reached the school we were invited to the District Education Office, where we met with officials from the local administration, from the ministry of education and with our partners from the Welthungerhilfe.

When we finally reached the school, the warm and enthusiastic welcome of the children and their teachers was overwhelming. As they told us, this school is really changing their lives. Appropriate learning conditions, reduced ways to school, and last but not least the huge 100 cubic metre watertank is quite unique in the region. It hasn´t rained since almost five months, so the water tank provides enough water for drinking, cooking and hygienic measures. The first half water-load of the tank was a present by the government for the school opening and now everyone is looking forward for the rainy season.

Our board member Werner Lustig as guest of honor was deeply involved in the ceremony as you can see in the pictures. At the end I was not sure who was more emotional, Lustig who handed over the certificate, or Daniel Joshua the proud school director, who has recently been nominated to this responsible task.

(by Wolfgang Unger)

DE Office 2

Official meeting at the District Education Office.

Warm welcome2

Warm welcome at the entrance of the PATRIZIA Primary School Syangeni.

old and new school 2

Appropriate learning facilities: The old classrooms have been reserved to see the difference.

Water tank 2

Water is life: The big water tank is of enormous importance for the School and the community.

water tab 2

Some children have never seen a water-tap before.

girl drinking 2

Student reaching water to a younger child.

Foundation stone 2

Foundation Stone of the School.

handing over certificate 2

Werner Lustig handing over the certificate.

Daniel with certificate

School director Daniel is really touched and proud about the new School.

Children enjoying the ceremony2

Students enjoying the opening ceremony, …


mostly 2

… although five hours were quite long for some of the smaller ones.


Youngest pupil Paul is just happy to meet the guests.