Inauguration PATRIZIA Vocational Training Alego, Kenia

A former US president was one of the inaugurators of the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Alego, Kenya in mid-July. Barack Obama joined his sister, Dr. Auma Obama from the project’s partner organisation Sauti-Kuu, and Alexander Busl, Managing Director of the PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung, at the opening ceremony, which was attended by 1,000 guests and broadcast on national television.

ABU mit Barack.jpg

Barack Obama and Alexander Busl, Managing Director of PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung, at the inauguration of the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Alego, Kenya, in July 2018.

Unsurprisingly, the inauguration generated much media attention. Barack Obama returned to his forefathers’ village to support the charitable work being accomplished in Kenya. His sister, Dr. Auma Obama [Link to:] founded the Kenyan Sauti Kuu foundation to help young people become more independent, and partnered with PATRIZIA KinderHaus Stiftung for the Stiftung’s 16th project, the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Alego.

Rede Barack.jpg

At the inauguration, Barack Obama spoke emotionally of his visit to Alego in 1987. It was his first visit to Kenya since leaving office.

PATRIZIA Vocational Training Alego was initiated to generate learning opportunities for young people in western Kenya. Around three quarters of all Kenyans live in rural areas [Link to: (compared to just one quarter in Germany), and life in rural Africa is often marked by poverty and educational disadvantage. Facilities such as the PATRIZIA Vocational Training Alego aim to counteract this trend. The KinderHaus offers youngsters the chance to learn a variety of manual trades, and partake in courses on environmental management and finance management, for example. In turn, they develop valuable skill sets and gain the education they need to implement their knowledge in day-to-day life, bettering their communities and ensuring they have opportunities for higher education.

The PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung has long been involved in projects that aim to improve children’s prospects. Across the world, but with a focus on Africa, the Stiftung works with local communities to ensure access to education, improved health amenities, and security for vulnerable youngsters. Be it a school in Uganda, an orphanage for HIV-affected children in South Africa or a hospital in Tanzania, we’re working to directly enrich the lives of disadvantaged young people across the world.

Kinder 645.jpg

Children at the inauguration of PATRIZIA Vocational Training Alego, wearing Germany football shirts.


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