Village of Hope

The previous days, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the children in our PATRIZIA KinderHouse. It felt like being in a huge family. The children struggled with each other and the next moment they were kissing and cuddling again. Although there are several pairs of brother and sisters among the children, I was not able to pair them. They all behaved like brothers and sisters.

Finally, I had the chance to talk to the busy social worker Mr. Blankenberg, who gave me a great insight into the histories, problems and backgrounds of all the children.

The former farm on which the PATRIZIA KinderHouse Grabouw is located, is called “Village of Hope”, The hope and objective for each child is, to bring it back to their families, relatives, or to foster care families.

For three months now, the project is officially registered as Child and Youth Care Center (CYCC). This means, that all children are sent to the PATRIZIA KinderHouse by court. Either the reason is that they are really orphans, or due to domestic violence, substance abuse or neglection. The court decides how long the children might stay. In the meantime, social workers are dealing with the trauma of the children and work out individual develop and training plans with the families.

On my last evening, we had a small farewell party. It was both beautiful and sad. The children are so lovely. Of course, I am happy to see my own family again, but on the other side, I leave behind children, missing nothing more than a family. As Mr. Blankenberg said: “The children do not need luxury. They need their parents.”

The attitude and strength of the people working here, make me very happy that I could meet them. I am looking back to an impressing, emotional and exhausting, but motivating project journey and I am looking forward to come back one day.


Family photo – with all 13 children and their house mums.


Having a one year old child myself, Jenna the youngest, is very close to me.


Big sisters, Felicity and Beredine, like to take care for their little brothers and sisters.


Saying goodbye – always a pensive moment.


Last time cuddling on the couch.


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