Visiting Educare – Education and care for children

Educare is a ECD-Program (Early Childhood Development) of Thembalitsa in Grabouw. As I told in my last blog, many children in the townships are neglected, abused or even raped during the absence of their parents for work.

In 2015 Thembalitsa had enough. Within two years, they built six EDC-Centres, for 50 children in average at an age between three and six. Three more are planned already. The children are away from the streets, while learning in a safe environment. Attached to the EDC-Centres, there are playing fields, which can also be used by the older ones in the afternoon. Furthermore, within small gardens, the small students already learn how to grow own fruits and vegetables.

Since the parents often have to walk a long distance to the farms, the centres are open from six o`clock in the morning until half past five in the evening. The average income of a farmworker is about 3000 Rand per month, which is not even 200 Euro. And they are employed only seasonal.

Violent housebreaking into the centres are quite regular, but together with a lot of volunteers, there is always a way to fix the things. A lot of volunteers from all over the world are visiting Thembalitsa quite often, supporting them with maintenance, painting and wherever they are needed. And the cooperation with the community is very good. Concerning the last housebreak, the police and the people worked closely together: almost all stolen devices from kitchen to clothes were brought back.

The EDC program is so successful, that neighbouring cities have already asked Thembalitsa to do the same there. The demand is high, not only because the fee of less than ten Euro is very low. Before, many parents paid 40 Euro a month for nannies.

Back in the PATRIZIA KinderHouse, I used the time to play with the children in the garden. After dinner, we spend some wonderful moments in the lounge. Although the house mums are very lovingly, the children haven`t been overflowed with affection so far. Therefore, they enjoyed it very much, having someone for themselves.


Projectmanager Unathi (right) shows me the places. Here we meet the head of the first Educare centre. In order to start quick, it was build with containers.


The children enjoy learning in the centres.


Gardening is one of the subjects.


Violent housebreakings happens often in the centres.


The latest Educare centre, has just started last month.

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Good night story in Africans: challenging for me – funny for the children


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