A journey to PATRIZIA KinderHouse Grabouw, South Africa

Happy children.

I am for the first time at our PATRIZIA Orphanage Grabouw, South Africa. To meet the 13 children and our partners from the Thembalitsa Foundation is overwhelming. I have found the children so happy, really loved by their house mums (officially „child and youth care worker“). And the site, which is a former six hectares farm, gives them huge space to play around, go for a walk or just relax in the lounge area.

All the children were interested, who I am and where I come from. They all wanted to get to know to me, to lead me around, to play with me and most important, to make photos with my camera. The house mums, who are working in twelve hour shifts, enjoyed this seldom moment of calmness, with the children gathering around myself. The easiness and patience, the house mums are doing their vocation is just admirable. After several hours, I was seriously in the need of a break, so I went for some sports into the hills. It is spring in South Africa and the beautiful landscape surrounding the orphanage is amazing.

One highlight of today was the flying camera. Flying with the drone over the PATRIZIA KinderHouse did not only provide a lot of fun to the children, but also beautiful pictures and a short video, you are invited to see on facebook

Jenna, me, .. Barbara, Chatleen

Warm welcome: Barbara and three of the kids, Jenna, Jaylin and Chatleen.


Jeandre (3 years) and Ezet (5 years) cannot get enough of the camera.

Jaylin and Jenna

Jaylin (6) and Jenna (2) on the rocking horse.

Jaylin and Dino

The swing, made from old tires is always in use.


Housemum Francis, preparing fresh lunch for the kids.


Lunch with the kids – for sure never boring.


Ezet, cuddling with her housemum.

Beredine, Brendon, Jerado

The oldest ones: Jerado (13), Brendon (13) and Beredine (14), showing me the river, which is the border of the farm.


Francis takes her chance, while the young kids are sleeping and the older kids are keeping myself in action.


Exploring the nature which is surrounding the farm.

Andre, Felicity

Andre (11) and Felicity (13) helping me to prepare the drone.


View from above: The children having fun at the playground.


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